Crypto (The Official Cryptocurrency Song)

Words and Music by John Barrett
Copyright 2014 RJM Publishing
BMI Nashville

Look at the Cryptocurrency, man it’s sucha blur and see
A new one every day
They got the pump and dump
They’ll try to make you a chump You better watch your back I say
I hear the troll box singing till my ears are ringin
I’m afraid just to go to bed
And I’m not feeling so well
Tell me should I buy or sell

We got the Android’s tokin
And the Dopecoin smokin
It’s a thing mamma you should see
We got the Potcoin, man it’s such a hot coin
All the way from Denver to DC
We got the Hashcoin, now we need a Stash coin
Or we’ll lose it all and that’s a drag
And I say blockchain schmockchain
I’d just like to get a bag

I think I’m gonna fly to Denver
I think I’m gonna get real high up on a bender
Maybe find a heart that’s tender
Help me to lay down and night

You know it’s Soho strange when another exchange is
Creepin in like another bad sin
It’s a legitimate fear that they will disappear
And you will never see your money again
You tell me it’s the right coin but it’s just a Litecoin
Maybe I’ll have tea with Charlie Lee
Oh baby and it’s blowin my mind
Cause I don’t know which one to buy

Blowin my mind
I don’t know which one to buy

Blowing my mind
I don’t know which one to buy

Good Lord I got my feet on the ground
But man my head is spinning round

And all the world is Crypto oh oh oh oh
Cryp tip, tip, tip, tip, tip