I'm Afraid Just to Buy

Lyrics and music by John Barrett
Published 2017, RJM Publishing [BMI Nashville]

I'm Afraid Just to Buy - Lyrics

I’m Afraid Just To Buy, when bitcoin is so high
What if the bubble pops? The price will surely drop
And I’ll lose all my cash, all my paper money
My wife will tell her dad
Her dad will get real mad
And that’d be really bad

I’m afraid of the tech and all that encryption
It’s just too much for me. I’d rather watch TV
Where they tell me the truth, the market is healthy
The economy is strong
Consumers should carry on
Wolf Blitzer’s never wrong (“and he loves his mother”)

I trust my bank (“That’s right”)
And good men like Ben Bernank
They make me feel safe like my childhood blanky
And fresh cotton hankies
Cause I’m a yankee – I’m cold and I’m scared and I’m white!

I’m Afraid To Invest so I called my broker
He said it’s volatile and I should wait awhile
Till it’s stable at least but just maybe never
We’ll have to wait to see
Waiting’s ok with me
At least I know I’m free
And I’ve got liberty
And pay per view TV
Thank God we’re really free.